Dining in Oranjestad, Aruba


Savor the diverse flavors and essences of Aruba. Let our Navigators find the perfect Aruba restaurant for any taste and occasion.


Zeerovers is the fisherman's wharf in Savaneta, a local joint where you can buy or eat some of the freshest fish caught in all of Aruba.


Driftwood has been an Aruban dining favorite since 1986 that specializes in fresh Caribbean seafood, caught daily by the owner himself.


Pastechi, an Aruban local delight and favorite snack food, is a half circle shaped fried dough pocket stuffed with a wide variety of snack food ingredients such as cheese, ham, or fish.


A traditional Aruban dish of meats wrapped in cornmeal dough and folded with plantain leaves. Acaya making is known for reuniting family members of all generations during the holiday season.

Pan Dushi

Typical Aruban sweet is the Pan Dushi, meaning sweet bread, is nice to have for breakfast or in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea.