Stir your evenings to life in style. From laid-back lounges to funky nightclubs, our Navigators have compiled a list of the top nightlife destinations in Aruba.

Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant

No trip to Aruba is complete without a visit to Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant. As the saying goes, “If you haven’t been to Charlie’s, you don’t know Aruba!”


Located inside the Renaissance Marina Hotel, this newly renovated hot spot is home to RLifeLive events, where you can discover some of the world’s most talented DJs spinning the night away.


Crack open an icy bottle of Balashi, Aruba’s national beer, made at the Brouweij Nacional Balashi, a fully automated brewery built in 1998.

Aruba Ariba Cocktail

No trip to Aruba is complete without trying an Aruba Ariba, a mix of Banana Liquor, Bacardi, Rum, Fruit Punch Vodka and Triple Sec.

Awa di coco- coconut water

Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics that is legendary for it’s healing properties. Science has discovered this is because of it’s high carbohydrate and electrolyte content, which helps fight dehydration.